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Good2go Publishing


We are accepting manuscripts.  Your submission must have your name, address, phone number and email address.


Manuscripts must be in word format, or double-spaced and bound in order to be reviewed. Your submission must include a cover letter, synopsis and chapter outline. Give a brief introduction of yourself and your background. Also, why you would like to be an author under Good2go Publishing.


Note: We are not a fee based publishing company and we do not charge to publish authors.  You must be signed to good2go publishing in order to have a book released under the banner. 


Your manuscript will be forwarded to staff for review, if you pass initial review stages we will request a copy of your full manuscript and discuss possible options with Good2go Publishing.


We accept electronic submission and paper submissions.  We cannot return any submissions so please send a copy of your manuscript. It may take anywhere from 1-6 months to review your submission due to the high volume of manuscripts received.  Thanks for your interest in joining Good2go Publishing.


Send electronic submissions to  Subject: Submissions/name

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